Ukraine is not “Abkhazia” or “South Ossetia”

John Eden
It was just over a year ago that I started this blog but never published it, I want to add to the title ‘Ukraine is also not “Transneister”.<I am keeping the Quote from the unpublished blog which will be at the end of more recent comments.
Clearly things are very different than just over a year ago in Ukraine, then the Kremlin controlled the political and economic life of the country though the pro-Russian Party of the Regions, that party no longer exists. The attempt to annex the east has clearly failed, the territory under the control of the Russian back separatists constitutes no more than perhaps 3 or 4 percent of Ukraine.
The Minsk agreement does not suit everyone the separatists would like to achieve there dream of 'New Russia' the ten oblasts (regions) of Eastern and Southern Ukraine, the Ukrainians want to get full control of their territory. Most Ukrainians and Russians welcome the ceasefire, they only want the fighting and killing to stop. This is a major problem particularly for the Russians, nobody wants a war, there is no appetite for all-out war amongst the Russian people. But all-out war is the only way that the elite of Russia can achieve their dream of becoming a great power through the creation of their much vaunted 'Russian World'.
What ever one thinks of the regimes in Ukraine or Russia, what ever one thinks of who is responsible for the conflict, the fact at present is that Ukraine is no longer in the 'sphere of influence' (itself a reactionary concept) of Russia, and never will be again without a war! The rest is from the unfinished blog of one year ago'Tymoshenko calls for restraint and diplomacy" From the Guardian  website 1st March 2014

Yulia Tymoshenko, the former prime minister who was freed one week ago, has called for Ukrainians to remain calm in the face of provocation and avoid falling into the trap that Georgia did in 2008. She said that the Ukraine must engage with the UN and EU.

Russia has just committed another act of intimidation against Ukraine. Thus Russia wants to kill the independence of Ukraine, to get us to surrender. We are a peaceful people , we are a peaceful country  but if we accept  the ultimatum now from Russia – we lose our country.

I propose to act, but to keep calm and not fully react against Russian aggression and not to act according to their plans, exacerbating the situation. They want a war scenario like Abkhazia and South Ossetia in Georgia.

Ukraine must now become a gathering place for the entire democratic world.
We must make sure that when Russia will meet in Ukraine to shoot ,  then she should know that at this moment it will shoot the entire  democratic world , which at that time will be in Ukraine.
I  ask all Ukrainians to unite in this  difficult time . Our main weapon is complete peace of mind’ >