Defending Remploy

John Eden

On March 7th last, Remploy who provide work for people with disabilities, announced the closure of 35 of it’s 54 factories and the possible lose of 1700 jobs.Some spokesperson I can’t remember who,said the factories have to close because they don’t make money. Quiet right! the only factory I know in Britain that makes money, I believe is called Del La Rue, they mint coins and print bank notes and not just for Britain but world wide. Remploy like other producers create wealth not money, material wealth, every thing produced at Remploy makes the world a better place. When the Scottish born economist Adam Smith wrote his famous book in the late 18th century “The Wealth of Nations”  he was talking about material wealth created by labour, not money. Marx makes a distinction between Material wealth,money and capital. What the spokesperson should have said, in a capitalist world Remploy does not make a profit for shareholders, bankers etc. Some disabled people, because their disability is not to severe can work in jobs along side non disabled workers, and they create wealth along side those workers, but more disabled people can contribute to making the world a better place, but the time taken to make the same object will be longer, but the end purpose of the created object is the same, to satisfy a human want.

Only in Socialist society where production will be for need and not profit will the disabled be able to play a full role, and their wages be the same as all other workers.

The argument about saving Remploy should be about creating wealth and not about making a profit.

2 thoughts on “Defending Remploy

  1. Spot on. The hallmark of a civilised society is one that looks after everyone, including its more vulnerable members. New Labour were no real friends of Remploy but this action by the Government takes the biscuit.

  2. When I was researching my article ‘The Invalidation of the Worker’, it became clear to me that those deemed Disabled (that is ‘Invalid’) are not even granted the full status of a fully exploitable human being. In a Capitalist society they are not worth anything and therefore their exploitable value is considered ‘zero’ – hence their ‘invalidation’. I agree that within a Socialist society equality will emerge due to the barriers dissolving away.

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