Proposed Top Tax Cut Outrageous

Chris Guiton

The news that the Government are planning to cut the top 50% income tax rate in the budget is, simply, outrageous. We can expect dubious statistics to be wheeled out to justify the move. But the Tories are being disingenuous. They claim that it’s a barrier to growth, while also arguing that it isn’t actually going to raise much revenue anyway. They can’t have it both ways! Surely, the answer rests in moves to end the tax evasion that is probably undermining the 50% rate and recognising that a genuinely progressive income tax is only fair given the basis for the wealth of the highest earners – surplus value appropriated from workers – and the real pain currently being experienced by the poorest in society.
Interestingly, the Tories appear to recognise that the cut could be politically damaging to the Government as it reveals starkly to all its class basis. Taken with the likelihood that the health and social care bill will be voted through in the near future (replacing the National Health Service with No Health Service), and their blindness to poverty as real wages fall and pensions and benefits are cut, the Government are starting to look increasingly vulnerable. The challenge for the Left is how we translate this into action which will topple this wretched bunch of plutocrats.

2 thoughts on “Proposed Top Tax Cut Outrageous

  1. All the benefit cuts, cuts in services and the NHS are simply a means by which this rightwing government has provided money for the tax cut for the rich. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer – reversing the Welfare Reform of 1948. Its abolition is, of course, the intention of this government.

    • I agree. It’s worth noting, however, that no gains by working people under capitalism are permanent. Concessions had to be made following WW2, and these were broadly maintained while the Cold War lasted. The last 25 years have seen these gains eroded. The threat is that we could be taken back even further than 1948, which, itself, was no golden age, notwithstanding the misty eyed nostalgia of some on the left of the Labour Party.

      So what are the barriers to removing capitalism? How is it sustained in a society with universal suffrage and a free (sic) press? Multi-party democracy is a sham when elections favour those with access to mass communication, and mass communication is in the hands of big business and a big business backed state. That’s not rocket science: even Putin in Russia has worked it out! The solution? It’s not easy. Engagement in elections is ruinously expensive for left political parties like the Communist Party that are self-financing, i.e. don’t get big business backing. We should direct more effort to exposing the sham. There is no left mass media except for the Morning Star, and that has a limited circulation and a knife-edge existance. We can promote the Morning Star – the readers’ conference on 31 March at the Bishopsgate Institute - – is helpful but the way the BBC has disregarded the MPs’ Early Day Motion on its exclusion from press reviews illustrates the problems the Morning Star faces.

      Things can, of course, change quickly. What seems solid now can melt away before our eyes. But it won’t happen unless we keep on organising, educating and agitating.


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