Let’s Campaign for Openness on Tax Payments

Chris Guiton

The Morning Star reported yesterday on the pressure on the Government to reveal Cabinet ministers’ tax details after millionaire Chancellor George Osborne insisted he would not benefit from slashing the top tax rate to 45p.

I’ve a suggestion to make. Why not campaign to follow the example of Norway, where people’s tax payments have been publicly available for years – not just for public employees, but everyone. Despite occasional complaints from the rich, it’s broadly accepted in Norway that you have a right to know what others are paying in tax, to minimise the scope for tax evasion and avoidance and to enable people to check that others are contributing their fair share towards public funds. This might be pitched as part of a broader drive to shift the debate from tax as a ‘burden’ to one where a progressive tax system is recognised as a benefit for all, funding decent public services and helping re-distribute wealth from the richest to the poorest. Food for thought?



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