Cash-for-Cameron Scandal

Chris Guiton

The cash-for-Cameron story marks the latest instalment in the long-running saga of Tory sleaze. It’s not really clear why people continue to be surprised. The Tories are, after all, the political wing of the City. And with further, significant sell-offs planned of public assets and services – the police, NHS, roads and Royal Mail are simply the latest examples – we can expect the feeding frenzy to ramp up and business to continue to want to influence Government policy by buying access to Ministers.

The Tories, and their media friends, are making all too predictable attempts to link the scandal to union support for Labour. But there’s no moral equivalence here. Union support is palpably transparent and democratic and represents the political aspirations of ordinary people rather than the devious machinations of a greedy elite. Labour should talk up its roots in the union movement and use this opportunity to capitalise on Tory discomfort and public disquiet, and take the attack deep into Government territory.

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