Morning Star Conference – For a People’s Britain NOT a Banker’s Britain

Chris Guiton

A great turnout at yesterday’s Morning Star conference at The Bishopsgate Institute, London EC2. The event saw activists from across the campaigning spectrum deliver practical workshops alongside an impressive range of speakers from politics and trade unionism.

Delegates looked really energised by the conference, which offered people the opportunity to think about how to build resistance to the Government, challenge the whole cuts and austerity narrative and develop action at a local level. Speakers included:

  • Owen Jones, author of ‘Chavs: The Demonisation of the Working Class’, who said he thought the Tories are only as strong as we allow them to be
  • Bill Greenshields,  Chairperson of the Communist Party who said, “I have had enough of protests. I have been doing that for decades. What I want is a strategy for real change, which makes a real impact, based on maximum unity in the labour movement behind a programme of an alternative to capitalism.”, and
  • Kelvin Hopkins, MP for Luton North, who called the EU ‘a disaster’ and spelled out the need to re-nationalise the utilities and launch a massive council housebuilding programme.

Bob Crow, RMT, finished off the day with a rousing call for the development of a genuine socialist alternative to the supine defeatism offered by Labour.

The message, comrades and friends, is keep up the pressure on this cynical, dysfunctional and greedy Government; develop coordinated action at a local level around the People’s Charter and other progressive initiatives; and keep buying the Morning Star to support Britain’s only socialist daily!

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