Local Election Challenge for Labour

Chris Guiton

Labour are rightly congratulating themselves on their success in the local elections. But this presents them with a challenge. Their new-found strength in councils across the country will be wasted unless they come up with creative ways of combatting centrally imposed cuts to services and jobs, which exploit the clear weaknesses in the current Government position. This will mean working with unions, community groups and others to fight back against the Con-Dem’s slash and burn assault on the people of this country.

They could start by recognising the opportunities presented by the elections to dispel Tory myths about the causes of the recession, become a focus for local resistance and mobilise a broad cross-section of people against the cuts. The alternative is likely to be even greater voter apathy at the next general election and a Labour Party fatally holed below the waterline because of its association with Con-Dem austerity policies.

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