Rise of Extreme Right in Greece and the need for a United Front.

By John Eden

The acute political and economic crises in Greece as led to a polarisation of society, and the emergence of the fascist Golden Dawn Party, described as a street fighting group, their attacks at the moment have been against “illegal” immigrants, scapegoats just as the Nazi’s use the Jews to come to power, this is a very serious development as Golden Dawn will have a lot of sympathy amongst the supporters of the Right wing New Democracy Party and it’s break away the Greek Independents who between them got about 30% of the votes in the recent elections, even though the latter two parties differ over the EU German – French imposed austerity measures.

At the moment the struggle is still in the parliamentary sphere, and it is here first that the extreme right and fascist must be stopped, But the three main left parties are split, if they had formed a united block at the recent elections they would have won 147 of the votes only 4 short of a majority, in fact probably enough to form a minority Government based on no to the austerity measures. Of course none of this could have been foreseen, hindsight is a great thing.

It looks at present there maybe another election soon, I believe that only the formation of a United Front of all left forces against the rise of fascism, including those members of Pasok who fear the rise of the extreme right, will block the further rise of the Fascists in Parliament.

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