Tories Starting to Look Rattled

Chris Guiton

The news that Rebekah Brooks and others have been charged with perverting the course of justice is another indication of the cynical business ethics that characterise the workings of News International. Taken with the announcement that Jeremy Hunt’s special advisor, Adam Smith, and the former News Corp lobbyist, Fred Michel, will be required to give evidence to the Leveson inquiry, this is another nail in the coffin of the Con-Dem Government. With the close links between the Tories and the Murdoch empire exposed for all to see, if the firewall currently provided by Hunt disappears, then Cameron is in real trouble and the political damage will be significant.

In parallel, George Osborne’s judgement – even on its own economically illiterate terms – is also being called into question by people normally regarded as friends – the CBI and British Chamber of Commerce are simply the latest. I sense vultures starting to circle around both Cameron and Osborne and wonder when the Tory grandees – known for their ruthlessness when it comes to wounded Tory leaders – will conclude they have to go!

The left face a big challenge and are up against a particularly brutal and avaricious ruling class. But the Government are politically and economically wounded and starting to look distinctly rattled. If anyone is any doubt, this is the time to take the fight to the Government and redouble efforts to get them out!

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