Sign petition for public inquiry into jailing of the Shrewsbury Pickets

By John Eden.

It’s 40 years ago that the National Builders Strike began,the first national strike of building workers since 1924. I took part in it while working in Leicester as a Carpenter and Joiner, I was then a member of the Socialist Labour League, which in 1973 became the Workers Revolutionary Party. It was mainly WRP building workers that organised a march from Wigan to London in 1975 for the jailed Shrewsbury pickets which ended in a rally at Trafalgar Square, see photo left, somewhere there I will be present. Peter Farrell a member of UCATT the main union in the building trade and active in the Justice for the Shrewsbury pickets as launched an online petition. Peter is no doubt there in the photo somewhere.The aim of the petition is to get a public enquiry into the events surrounding the jailing of innocent building workers following the strike.  Sign the petition at

Photo above by Workers Press 26th feb 1975

For details of the 1972 strike, the jailings and the latest campaign for justice e-mail

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