Croydon and Beyond


By John Eden.

Yesterday I read on the “Inside Croydon” blog that the Council are setting up Twitter account so Croydonians can air their views to the Council, the “inside” blog welcomed the idea, but seemed sceptical of the motives, I don’t feel we have to get into speculation, I welcome any furtherance of the democratic process, how can it be detrimental to the interests of the people of Croydon, I am pretty sure that “inside Croydon” understand that.

On the leaflet the Communist Party in Croydon have been circulating over the recent weeks, against the building of a giant incinerator on Beddington lane, we wrote about the hypocrisy of the local Labour Councillors being against it in Croydon, but their colleagues on Merton Council supporting it, (the plan to build is a joint venture  of four Councils Croydon, Merton, Sutton and Kingston).

Well the hypocrites are at it again, in a report in the “Croydon Advertiser” Friday August 24th page 7 entitled “Labour: “We will force firms to employ locals” Labour leader of the opposition Cllr Newman pledges to tackle the high unemployment in Croydon by forcing building Employers undertaking new work in the borough to take on 20% of the workers from Croydon, it would be welcome! but this is the same Councillor who as leader of the Council in 2006 closed down the Council run Local disabilities Factory (only days before the people of Croydon remove them from office in the local elections of May of that year) thus creating unemployment amongst already vunerable workers’, it is said only two of them have found employment so far, six years on. The factory had been opened by the then Conservative Council in 1961, when I challenge one of the Labour Councillors after their defeat, and said  “closing it, contributed to their losing control of the council”  the reply was, well the Conservative can restore it, but I replied ” you closed it and all the machinery as been removed”. No call me cynical but Cllr Newman remarks as more to do with electioneering.

3 thoughts on “Croydon and Beyond

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  3. Yes – you are right to expose the dilemas of local Labour councillors who are trapped into this narrow strategy of trying to chase the votes of a disappointed electorate.

    It’s not helpful to grandstand for headlines – but it is inevitable given the appauling corner the Labour Party has talked itself into by applying a “localist” apartheid in a vain hope in helping people and appear popular.

    This is silly as it is unrealistic.

    The Left needs to stop believing that we can be better Tories and start believing in the fundamentals of good governance, wealth redistribution and social housing.

    A better response from our comrades in Croydon Labour Party would be to propose a programme of re-generation paid for by higher taxes and compulsory purchases of brown field sites.

    We need to be bolder and we need a different form of Governance in local Government – not this outdated version from a Trollope novel!

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