Croydon Communists to Contest By-election

News Release

Croydon’s Communists pledged to step up the fight against coalition cuts today as local members confirmed that Communist Party National Secretary Ben Stevenson will stand in the forthcoming Croydon North by-election.

Mr Stevenson, who is also active on Croydon Trades Union Council, said: “We’ve had two years of coalition cuts to jobs, pensions and public services which has only further weakened Britain’s economy. And worse is to come as 80% of the cuts planned have yet to take effect.

“Working people are sick of slimy professional politicians who are more interested in toadying up to the super-rich and spivs in the city, and feathering their own nests, rather than representing the interests of those people they were elected to serve.” he added.

“I stood in 2010 to make the argument, that whatever government was formed it would be working people who would be forced to shoulder the burden of the capitalist economic crisis. But even we couldn’t have predicted the scale of corruption, greed and double-speak of this coalition government, who are clearly using the crisis as cover to destroy the NHS and the other gains made since 1945 through the welfare state.”

The Communist Party will campaign in Croydon in opposition to coalition cuts and EU austerity measures, putting the case for alternative policies that would place the burden on the super-rich and big business via progressive taxation; investment in manufacturing, green industries and housebuilding; and renationalisation of the rail network and energy companies.

Mr Stevenson pledged to “challenge the collective amnesia that exists in Westminster – as it does in nearly every centre of power in Europe – and remind them that this economic crisis wasn’t caused by public sector workers, unemployed young people or the millions of pensioners condemned to poverty.

“The programme of cuts being pursued by this illegitimate and undemocratic government isn’t going to help drag Britain out of recession, create jobs and provide the kind of future that the hard-working people of Croydon North deserve.”

Instead Mr Stevenson said: “they deserve better than this government or the lacklustre ‘Tory-lite’ response being offered by the Miliband-Balls ‘purple’ Labour plan of exactly the same policies dragged out over a couple more years. There’s a ‘battle for ideas’ taking place right now – and the Communist Party aims to be leading that fight.”


 Notes to editors:

  1. Press officer: Chris Guiton 07854 129732
  2. Ben Stevenson is 28 years old and National Secretary of the Communist Party. Since moving to Croydon from his native Birmingham in 2005, he has been heavily involved in local labour movement politics through the Croydon Save Our Schools Campaign, the campaign against the Beddington Lane Incinerator and the Croydon Trades Union Council’s Executive Committee.
  3. The Communist Party was founded in 1920 and is part of an international movement involving millions of people in more than 100 countries across the globe.


A Future That Works

Hundreds of thousands of people will be taking to the streets this Saturday for the TUC’s “A Future That Works” march. This is a real opportunity to show this vicious, unelected ConDem Government that the people of Britain don’t accept the lie that cuts to wages, benefits and local services are an inevitable result of the recession. This is a crisis caused by capitalism, not workers. So let’s fight for jobs, growth and decent public services – and make the case for progressive taxation, re-nationalisation of the rail network and other utilities and public ownership of the banks.

Join the fightback for a socialist alternative. Assemble along Victoria Embankment on the north bank of the Thames from 11am on October 20, moving off around noon. Bring your family and tell your friends and workmates. For more details see the following link:

Chris Guiton


Decision to Award Nobel Peace Prize to EU an Opportunity for Reflection

The astonishment which has greeted the frankly bizarre decision to award the Nobel Peace Prize to the EU offers a useful opportunity to reflect on the rationale for its formation in the first place. The established view, even on parts of the left, is that the EEC was created to avoid the tensions that led to two world wars. But this ignores the simple fact that its origins lie in post-war plans to contain Soviet power in Europe, reactivate German industry, promote free trade and open up markets to to US investment. As such, it has always been a capitalist club. Current meddling in the middle east; what amounts to a form of German imperialism in southern Europe; and the Dutch auction taking place across the EU in employment rights, wages and public sector provision are the logical consequence of the neoliberalism that is hard-wired into the system. People should be using this occasion to ask whether they really want to be part of this or whether we’d be better off negotiating an independent relationship with the EU similar to the Norwegians!

Chris Guiton