Decision to Award Nobel Peace Prize to EU an Opportunity for Reflection

The astonishment which has greeted the frankly bizarre decision to award the Nobel Peace Prize to the EU offers a useful opportunity to reflect on the rationale for its formation in the first place. The established view, even on parts of the left, is that the EEC was created to avoid the tensions that led to two world wars. But this ignores the simple fact that its origins lie in post-war plans to contain Soviet power in Europe, reactivate German industry, promote free trade and open up markets to to US investment. As such, it has always been a capitalist club. Current meddling in the middle east; what amounts to a form of German imperialism in southern Europe; and the Dutch auction taking place across the EU in employment rights, wages and public sector provision are the logical consequence of the neoliberalism that is hard-wired into the system. People should be using this occasion to ask whether they really want to be part of this or whether we’d be better off negotiating an independent relationship with the EU similar to the Norwegians!

Chris Guiton

2 thoughts on “Decision to Award Nobel Peace Prize to EU an Opportunity for Reflection

  1. Of course, the United States would never allow a United Socialist States of Europe to develop, so what we are left with instead is unity through a free market economics that ruthlessly pursues a rightwing agenda as a means to permanently guarantee its survival. In the current ‘crisis’ it is interesting to note that the only political-economic path that is considered ‘correct’ or ‘sane’, is one that dismantles welfare provition, free healthcare, free education, workers rights, and social housing, etc, and fully endorses selfishness, greed, and social ignorance. The current EU structure is a Bourgeois sham that seeks to ‘Americanise’ Europe and do away completely with any Leftwing institution and in so doing ensure a political unity premised entirely upon the principle of out and out exploitation.

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