Crisis in NHS Enters New Phase

The looming crisis in the NHS is rapidly becoming clearer for everyone as the secondary legislation laid by Jeremy Hunt works its way through Parliament. If passed, this will effectively signal the death knell for the NHS as it will force doctors to open up virtually all health services to competition. And, under EU competition rules, once this has happened it’s virtually impossible to reverse the position.

The NHS was founded on three basic principles: that it’s universal, comprehensive and free at the point of delivery. These have been abolished by the Health and Social Care Act. Primary care trusts are no longer obliged to secure treatment for you when you are ill; unelected local bodies now have the power to close unprofitable local services; and the third becomes irrelevant given the damage inflicted by the first two.

With the fight to save Lewisham Hospital reaching a new phase, the threat to health services in Croydon is plain for all to see. As the founder of the NHS, Nye Bevan, said: ‘the NHS will only last if there are folks left to defend it’. Please sign the petition organised by 38 Degrees:

Chris Guiton



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