Croydon Communists At People’s Assembly

Croydon Communists turned out in strength to represent the party at Saturday’s People’s Assembly at Westminster Central Hall. Over 4,000 delegates from trade unions, political parties and anti-cuts groups gathered to hear a range of speakers including Frances O’Grady, TUC General Secretary, the comedian Mark Steel and writer Owen Jones talk about the need to defend public services, challenge the Con-Dem Govrnment’s totally unnecessary austerity programme and support a progessive alternative.
Len McCluskey said, “If it is right to strike against austerity in Greece, in Spain, in France, then  it is right to strike against austerity here. When Unite members are ready and willing to take that industrial action to  make the politicians change course, then we will not let the anti-union laws get in our way”
Delegates participated in a range of workshops, including protecting the NHS, tackling the housing crisis, defending local democracy and developing tactics for the anti-austerity movement. The discussion was lively, the quality of debate was high and the sense of engagement by people was very strong.
Ben Stevenson, past parliamentary candidate in Croydon North, said, “It was inspiring to see people from across the trade union and labour movement building coalitions, networking with comrades and planning practical actions to fight this vicious, cynical Government. Contrary to what the bourgeios media tell us, there is an alternative, based on fair wages, decent homes, investment for jobs and taxing the super-rich and transnational corporations. This is the start of action to build a broad movement across Britain. We look forward to working with local progressive forces in Croydon to continue the fightback!”  
For more information, see the People’s Assembly reports on the CP website: or go to – where a full report will be posted shortly.

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