If, like me, you are deeply disappointed by all those who have accepted honours in the New Year Honours List, especially those who unctuously say that they only accepted on behalf of their profession, community, hard working employees etc, here is a list of some of those who declined knighthoods in the past.


Alan Bennett                     playwright

Albert Finney                    actor

E M Forster                      author

Michael Frayn                  playwright and author

Stephen Hawking            physicist

Muhammed Ali Jinnah   Founder of Pakistan

L S Lowrey                      artist

Humphrey Lyttelton       musician

Aldous Huxley                author

Keith Hill                          Labour MP

George Bernard Shaw    playwright

Alastair Sim                     actor

H G Wells                        author


Let’s salute them and all the other men and women who have declined honours of every kind. May their numbers grow and their refusal to be ‘honoured’ come to be seen as more honourable than accepting a title or gong.

About drmartingraham

Branch Secretary Croydon CP Convenor Communist University in South London

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