My recent blog on 1934 book by Joseph Stalin and his tribute to Trotsky.

Feb 13th 2014

By John Eden.

         Two days ago I blogged an extract of the first edition of Joseph Stalin’s 1934 book called “The October Revolution” on page 30 there is tribute to Leon Trotsky by Stalin on the first anniversary of the  “Russian Revolution” recognising Trotsky’s role as the main figure in the actual military preparations for the overthrow of the capitalist provisional government led by Kerensky.

         Note there is no mention by Stalin of Trotsky’s so call “Menshevism”, or his under estimation of the role of the “peasantry” or his role at “Brest-Litovsk” because these were not issues in the party, they only arose in the latter part of 1923, and they were the result of conflicts over the direction of the Soviet economy, and at this point a subject far to big to cover in a blog.

         But some who have some history of the struggle between Trotsky and Stalin might wonder why Stalin allowed his comments of sixteen years previously to appear in a book in 1934. Here I have to make certain assumptions and hypothesis  based on the reading I have done, and I shall have to go back to. If I recall 1934 was a year when Stalin grip on the party was under serious challenge from sections of the party because of the state of the economy, in fact he was considering resigning as General Secretary in 1932. It maybe in these circumstances those who compiled the book felt Stalins weakness and felt able to include his speech on Trotsky of 1918.

         All this was to change with the murder of Kirov, leader of the party in Leningrad on the 1st December 1934, Kirov and the Leningrad party was seen as a major opposition centre to Stalins rule and leadership. It as been stated that Kirov got more votes than Stalin at the party congress that year. Some say Stalin was involved in Kirov’s murder. Two of Lenin’s close collaboraters were acused of the crime Kamenev and Zinoviev they were jailed, some time later they were executed, but after Kirov’s murder a reign of terror began and Stalin’s dictatorship ensued, but of course he represented not just himself.

      I will have to go back to this, I have now a Croydon Trades Union Council meeting in five minutes, and correct any spelling tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “My recent blog on 1934 book by Joseph Stalin and his tribute to Trotsky.

  1. I was surprised to read about Stalin’s positive views regarding Trotsky being printed in the USSR as late as 1934, in light of Sergei Eisenstein’s film entitled October 1917. The film’s release was delayed from the intended 1927 (the 10th year anniversary of the October Revolution) to 1928 – following Stalin’s orders to remove all positive reference to Trotsky from it! This amounted to about 45 minutes of cut footage. Footage of Trotsky being portrayed in a derogatory manner was retained, but this amounts to about 10 minutes of the 104 minutes of the finally released film. The point is that Trotsky seems to have been considered important in the USSR until 1927, as his presence in the film was originally substantial. Stalin seems to have made his decision against Trtsky official in 1927.

    • I think it as to be seen in the light of the events of 1934, Some I have very only vaguely outlined.

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