“Revolution” or “Counter- Revolution” on the Dnieper

John Eden Feb 24th.

          I have today blogged an article from the Guardian, now I want to make some comments on this and other points on the recent events in Ukraine. I agree with the Guardian article that there is no road the Ukraine should pursue that does not involved cooperation with Russia, but as some politicians of the opposition have stated and have even before tried to do, it has to be a cooperation of equals, this as never been the policy of the Russian government, and neither has it been the policy of the European Union, both seek to dominate the Ukraine.

   What united the people of of  Ukraine whether they were from the Western, Eastern or Southern regions of the country, whether they sat at home as the majority did thinking nothing will come of this, because the corrupt will remain in power, so let’s get on with our lives and make the best of it,  through to the activists manning the barricades in Kiev it was the blatant corruption of the elite around Victor Yanukovych and the desire to get rid of him. The non activists thinking either it won’t be possible to get rid of him, and even if we do, he will be replaced by an equally corrupt regime, which as been the pattern over the recent years, and is a most likely outcome, even with the most sincere politicians in charge. Power as to pass to the people and power is nothing if you don’t control the industry yourselves, if if the people are not the  armed state itself, and can’t participate in decision-making. But all the parties who signed the EU sponsored agreement on 21st Feb, which would have left Yanukovych in power to December 2014 think that the road for Ukraine is Capitalism.

            None of the parties involved in the EU agreement could sell the deal to the most strident opponents of Yanokovych and according to Mark Urban of the BBC the most anti EU group on the barricades the right-wing  “Right Sector” Urban says that it draws it support from both Ukrainian and Russian speakers. A spokesmen of theirs on Friday night said they did not accept the agreement and Yanukovych had until 10am next day to go or they would resume the struggle to oust him. Now we know that Yanukovych and his state forces left Kiev during the night. There is no doubt that the political parties of Vitaly Klitschko’s “Punch” the Far-Right Neo-fascist Freedom Party, Yulia Tymoshenko’s Fatherland party, three of the four signatures to the EU deal were prepared to let Yanukovych remain President until December 2014, the agreed election date to appease the E.U.
It was the action of a few hundred right-wing, now some armed men on the barricades to drive Yanukovich and the special forces out of Kiev. So was it a “Revolution or “Counter-Revolution” in my opinion it was very much the former that contains some disturbing though as yet minor parts of the latter.



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