The government’s cruel and unnecessary cap on social security spending sailed through Parliament towards the end of last month.

Croydon Communists set out five reasons why the cap is wrong.
• It subjects vulnerable people’s needs to an arbitrary spending limit
• It perpetuates the myth that social security spending has got “out of control”
• It does nothing to address key underlying reasons for the welfare budget
• It will fuel the demonization of people on benefits
• It will do nothing to help those in real need

Only 13 Labour MPs voted against it. A few more would have done, but were legitimately absent.

Nevertheless, the vote was disappointing. It shows that the Labour Party leadership, the only ones who for all practical purposes, can form an alternative government to the hated con/dems after the general election in 2015 have little concern for the most vulnerable.

The vote came on the day HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) said it is shedding 17% of jobs from its specialist tax division – the staff who deal with higher rate taxpayers and more
complex cases.

The reason, cited by a senior manager, was that they “are being challenged to deliver more with less” and is part of a wider plan by HMRC to axe thousands more posts in the coming months and years.

Just one week ago, chancellor George Osborne claimed in his budget speech: “I am increasing HMRC’s budget to tackle non-compliance.”

What complete tosh!

Mark Serwotka General Secretary of the mighty PCS civil service union, who organise both social security and tax office staff said: “The welfare cap is not a solution to anything, it is a gimmick, and a very nasty and dangerous one that will cruelly punish vulnerable people whose lives depend on the support benefits and tax credits provide.

“With tens of billions of pounds lost every year through corporate tax avoidance, MPs should hang their heads in shame that they are voting for a cap that risks driving more people into poverty and putting more families on the streets.”

How true. All the more reason for Croydonians to vote Communist if possible at the local elections on 22 May. Croydon’s Communists oppose and will continue to oppose, every assault on Britain’s welfare state, which came about under a Labour government in 1945.

Nigel Green

About drmartingraham

Branch Secretary Croydon CP Convenor Communist University in South London

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