Operation Trojan Horse refers to a leaked anonymous letter – which some say is a hoax – claiming to be sent between Muslim extremists seeking to take over Birmingham schools. Among the claims by whistle blowers are that sex education is banned and boys and girls are segregated in the classroom. Responding to these revelations, Education Secretary Michael Gove has ordered Ofsted inspectors into 15 schools in Birmingham to investigate them and there are now four inquiries underway overseen by a former counter-terrorism chief.

Over-reaction? The idea that our schools are being penetrated by religious groups can hardly come as a surprise to Mr Gove. Impervious to the consequences of religious segregation in Northern Ireland’s schools, he has encouraged the destruction of our predominately secular education system under local government control and is handing it over to a motley band of religious and business interests including, in Croydon, quite literally, carpet salesmen. Our once democratically accountable schools are disappearing – in Croydon this process is largely complete at the secondary level – to be replaced by academies and so called free schools outside the control of the local authority. As part of this programme, pay in what remains of the local authority sector is being held down, Ofsted is employed to keep teachers in this sector focused on the narrowest possible definition of educational attainment and the unions representing the staff in these schools are undermined and attacked.

Croydon TUC has published a list of ten policies which it asks candidates in the forthcoming local government elections in Croydon to endorse. Number 9 is to support our local schools still under democratic, local government control and to oppose the introduction of any more academies and free schools in Croydon. This call has so far been ignored by candidates standing in these elections except for the Communist Party candidates in Bensham Manor, Broad Green and Selhurst. This should not come as a great surprise. The Tories and Lib-Dems are complicit in this strategy and Labour started the whole thing off by starving Local Education Authorities of resources and initiating the academy programme.

Trojan Horses are for hiding in but also, it appears, for hiding behind.

Martin Graham

About drmartingraham

Branch Secretary Croydon CP Convenor Communist University in South London

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