A reflection by Nigel Green

Communists in Croydon stand proud as staunch anti-racists. The British economy is failing not because of immigrants or black people but because of the neo-liberal free market economic model so beloved of the EU Empire.

In fact immigrants as a whole make a substantial, positive contribution to the economy and without them the plight of working people would be far worse. Communists do not say there should be no rules or legitimate debate on immigration, but we do say that without immigration economic growth would be come to a halt and the rich cultural and social diversity of cities like London would cease to be.

Unemployment – as well as diphtheria and measles – was greatest in this country in the twenties and thirties of the last century when there was much less immigration than now.

Only when working people come together as one in trade unions and other campaigning organisations will we have the collective strength to take on effectively big business and the capitalist bosses. Above all, this means no divisions based on race, colour, creed or gender. Such divisions mean working people remain weak and divided.

Of course this is not what big business, the far right in UKip and the neo-fascists of the BNP want. They are not interested in working peoples’ welfare and they hate working people getting together in trade unions and exercising independent democratic rights. Blaming immigrants will not solve our problems. Make no mistake, these are caused by Britain’s rich ruling class including the old Etonians and other ex-public schoolboys who pack the government – not by immigrant black or Polish workers.

So vote for Communist Party candidates in local elections on 22 May and for the ‘No to EU, Yes to Workers Rights’ platform in the EU elections, so we can exit the EU on a socialist non-racist platform.

Nigel Green

About drmartingraham

Branch Secretary Croydon CP Convenor Communist University in South London

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