TUC March and Rally on Saturday 18 October

Britain Needs a Pay Rise is the slogan for the march and rally tomorrow (Saturday 17 October) organised by the TUC. The assembly point is on the Embankment outside Temple Tube station. Look for the big red flag above the CP stall from around 10 am. Any help you can give in distributing the Morning Star and the CP’s special edition of Unity would be much appreciated. When the march moves off, probably around 1 pm, you can show your solidarity with the CP by walking behind our banner. The march will end at Hyde Park where there will be a rally addressed by big name speakers.

The Communist Party is giving its full support to this march and is encouraging everyone to join the London march. We should, however, be under no illusion that the government will change its policy on the strength of what has become, in effect, an annual carnival called by the TUC. The industrial action by health workers and civil servants this week and fire fighters earlier is likely to have more effect, but even these will need to be repeated on a larger scale and by other unions if the government’s strategy of favouring the 1% and making the rest of us pay for the financial crisis with cuts, austerity and public sector wage freezes is to be stopped. We also deserve a better slogan than the TUC has provided. Of course, Britain, excluding the 1%, needs a pay rise, but it also needs publicly owned services, real democracy, more jobs, free university education, an end to privatising the NHS – the list is immense. It would be unrealistic to expect the TUC to ask us to march tomorrow under the slogan Britain Needs a Revolution, but the time for this may be coming sooner than the rich and powerful now appreciate.

About drmartingraham

Branch Secretary Croydon CP Convenor Communist University in South London

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