One Step Forward for Labour, One Step Back

Labour’s commitment to scrapping non-dom status should be welcomed as a modest step to reforming our not-fit-for-purpose tax system. As the Communist Party’s pamphlet From Each According to their Means argues, much more needs to be done including scrapping our dependent offshore tax havens, instigating a wealth tax and moving to Land Value Tax. The Tories’ hysterical response can only damage their own election prospects. Suggesting that Ed Balls, Labour’s right leaning shadow Chancellor, may have been over-ruled will only strengthen Labour;  and claiming that abolishing non-dom status will drive “thousands of rich people abroad” is a total own goal. As Danny Dorland argues in Inequality and the 1%, Britain cannot afford its super rich. They are not a national asset – they simply own assets and, in consequence, drive up their prices and distort our economy and politics. They are a drain on us all and, as Wilkinson and Puckett demonstrated in their excellent book, The Spirit Level, we would all be better off without them.

The Tories also scored an own goal this week with their claim that Labour would be prepared to enter into coalition with the SNP whose price would be scrapping Trident. The truth of the matter is that nuclear weapons are illegal, unaffordable and totally useless against any threats we face, now or in the foreseeable future. There is absolutely no mass support for them in England and Wales and open hostility to them in Scotland where they are based. Scottish voters are not stupid: they understand that they would all would be wiped out in a few minutes if a Westminster government even unleashed them. Anyone who values nuclear weapons above halting cuts to our welfare, education and health services is going to vote Tory or UKIP anyway. Yet, having been presented with this magnificent own goal, Labour retrieved it from their opponent’s net and booted it straight back into their own. ‘Of course we will upgrade Trident’ they brayed, ignoring its unaffordability, illegality and immorality – and their own prospects of being elected. New Labour lingers on, it seems.

Canvassers for the Communist Party will be out again this weekend and in the coming weeks in Croydon North and will be happy to discuss these and any other matters you wish to raise with them on the doorstep. Our canvassers are not like those of the big parties – we like talking politics, even with people who don’t necessarily agree with everything we stand for. Furthermore, unlike the big parties, we are rushing to secure a promise from you to vote for us. We don’t expect to win, but just think what a better place it would be if Ben Stevenson and the half dozen or so other Communist Party candidates standing in these elections were actually elected.

About drmartingraham

Branch Secretary Croydon CP Convenor Communist University in South London

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