The Power of the Capitalist Press


The article by Peter Lazenby in the Morning Star yesterday Free-media? More-like-guard-dogs-of-the-Establishment neatly summarised the distortion and lies in the capitalist press about Jeremy Corbyn since the Manchester Bombing. To these we can now add today’s headline in the Daily Torygraph: Corbyn is making excuses for terror attack, says May. Not actually a lie, as Theresa May did say this, but constructively a lie as anyone who heard what Jeremy Corbyn actually said can confirm.

As Peter Lazenby pointed out, eighty percent of national newspapers are owned by companies controlled by billionaire proprietors. Given this skewed ownership, it’s not surprising that we get distorted news. The rest of the national newspapers (Morning Star excepted) are hardly more balanced – the Guardian’s coverage of the general election, for example, has been sour and disappointing. But are the days when our national newspapers dictated the result of general elections (It’s the Sun wot won it) over? With declining circulation, now only 7 million and falling, is their remaining influence now largely confined to the establishment itself?

Even if the power of the press is diminishing, there still has to be a reckoning if Labour wins – although there will be plenty of Labour MPs who associate themselves with the establishment rather than their own members and voters and who will resist any interference with our so-called ”free” press. Prohibiting anyone from owning, directly or indirectly, a newspaper when they don’t pay UK taxes or cannot vote in our elections would be a start.

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One thought on “The Power of the Capitalist Press

  1. Exactly. Jeremy Corbyn is held to account by the mainstream press (including a Guardian that has lurched to the right), for purely ‘fictitious’ narratives of doom and gloom that have no relationship with material reality, whilst exactly the same press ‘ignores’ Theresa May’s destructive policies (all of which are materially ‘real’ and ‘self-evident’). Whereas Jeremy Corbyn can do no right (with current propaganda broadcasts depicting him as ‘supporting’ terrorism), Theresa May can do no wrong (with the same press depicting her and her party as true ‘patriots’). Of course, nothing is mentioned about the family of the Manchester bomber being linked to the Tory policy of violent regime change in Libya, or the Tory support for neo-Nazism in the Ukraine, as well as the (Israeli-friendly) destruction of Syria. It is long-term Tory (racist) policies abroad that are fuelling US-backed Islamo-fascist terrorism – and not Jeremy Corbyn – whose central and continuous message to the British people is one of ‘Socialism’ and ‘Peace’. It is expected that the bourgeois, capitalist press will oppose on every front, any attempt by the British people to democratically ‘elect’ a Socialist Labour Party into 10 Downing Street. This is a ‘blocking’ policy designed to prevent a radical redistribution of wealth, or to stop the NHS and Welfare System from being saved from privatisation. As the EU is demanding the dismantling of all ‘Socialised’ healthcare and benefit establishments throughout its Member States, Jeremy Corbyn is coming under intense fire from two directions – the Tories and the EU Directives – and he is defying them both. It may well be that the Tory heart is not really in ‘Brexit’, and perhaps there is more than a whiff of self-sabotage at Conservative HQ. As Communists, we can never count on the bourgeois press for impartiality, but perhaps we can trust in the British people to make the right decision on June 8th.

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