Saturday 24 June: discussion analysis and some modest celebration

As we pointed out on 22 May, we are living, in an age of political upsets. So it has proved. Well done everyone who campaigned here in Croydon Central and across the country for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, and shame on those in the Parliamentary Labour Party who campaigned over the previous eighteen months to undermine him. Without this disruption, Labour might well have won this election. But don’t let us deceive ourselves: as we pointed out in that same blog, we have been participating in a flawed process. The weight of the capitalist press, apart from the late conversion of the Guardian, was so biased that, if our elections were properly regulated, the cost of printing these disgraceful rags would have been charged as an election expense. The BBC’s coverage of Corbyn’s Labour was pitiful and continues to be biased in favor of the Right – just consider the coverage currently being lavished on Nigel Farage, the ex-leader of an ex-party. The Electoral Commission has shown itself incapable of controlling election expenses; Big Business continues to buy influence, even inside the Parliamentary Labour Party; and neo-classical economics retains its grip on economic theory and will continue to be palmed off in the mass media and on the BBC as independent and objective analysis.

Local government remains enfeebled. The NHS is still being dismantled. Education still faces cuts. We are saddled with a Tory-Orange coalition for which no one voted. If the LibDems couldn’t check the Tories in coalition, how much restraint can we expect the Orangemen to provide? So the battle now turns on building an alternative to the feeble ‘democracy’ provided by parliamentary and local government elections. The Croydon Assembly and Festival for unity, diversity and democracy at Ruskin House on Saturday 24 June is another step on in this direction. Communists, our friends and supporters and everyone who wants a real democracy are encouraged to register for the Assembly here and turn up on the day for discussion, analysis and some modest celebration.

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Branch Secretary Croydon CP Convenor Communist University in South London

One thought on “Saturday 24 June: discussion analysis and some modest celebration

  1. We have never seen such enthusiasm for Labour around the country as has been generated by Jeremy Corbyn! As Communists, we have been proud this time to assist Labour and work for its victory! Thank you for good posts that orientate and guide us through this complex political jungle. If I live for a hundred years, I will never get over the exquisite shock of seeing a large ‘Vote Labour’ placard sitting high and proud in the garden of big house in the bourgeois Livermead area of usually rightwing Torquay! Finally, we met Bonnie Craven yesterday outside our daughter’s school – the Labour Party Candidate for Sutton and Cheam – campaigning up to the last minute. Some the working class parents stated loudly that they were ‘Tory’ and were not interested in Corbyn – this was despite Connie explaining that if the Tories won, this very school would lose 4 teachers! As matters transpired, despite coming 3rd behind the Tories and LibDems – Sutton and Cheam Labour had the best result since 1965, capturing over 10,000 votes!

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