Morning Star

The Morning Star is a the only English-language, daily, socialist newspaper in the world and has been published, almost without interruption (except for when its forerunner, the Daily Worker, was banned by the Government) since 1930.

What’s more it is in the middle of a major development programme, with more journalists and more pages, a much-enlarged Weekend Edition, full-on sports, arts and culture sections, reviews and a lively letters page. It is available in more outlets than ever, including many WH Smiths, Budgens, Sainsbury and Co-op stores, all independent newsagents as well as bookshops such as Borders.

Although the editorial line of the Morning Star follows the programme of the Communist Party, the Star is independently owned and run cooperatively by its readers and supporters, and draws its contributing writer’s from across the spectrum of progressive politics. The Communist Party has supported the Star since it began and its members read and regularly sell the newspaper on the streets and at trade union, labour, progressive and community events.

For the latest news and analysis, more information about the Star, becoming a shareholder or subscribing it visit the Morning Star website.

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