Croydon and beyond

by John Eden

People of Croydon face the same problems confronting others in Britain and others though less acute than those worldwide, rising unemployment,particularly among the youth and young adults, rising food prices though not on the scale as in some countries where prices have tripled leading to great social unrest as in Middle -East. The websites of the two main legal communist parties in Syria dated April and May 2011 put the initial unrest in the southern town of Derra at the ending of food subsides,the privatisation programme of the government in electrical supply and telecommunications, and rising unemployment. Tensions increased with the heavy-handed response of the security services using state of emergency laws which have been in place for almost fifty years,the lifting of these laws was also a demand of the two parties,what started as peaceful demonstrations though illegal under the above mentioned laws, as become an armed struggle as old suppressed tensions have been unleashed, and what was an oppressed class struggle, could become a sectarian conflict, as regional forces and world powers fight out their own contradictions with each other through the crisis in Syria.

Just as regimes in the middle-east have resorted to cuts to resolve  the world capitalist crisis and how it affects them,so  have the main political parties in Britain, and Labour say they will not reverse any of  the cuts if elected at a general election, in this scenario there is no political party in parliament,where the working people can fundamentally change things for the better.

The Labour leadership has fully endorsed capitalism and come to its rescue, and exposed the working class to savage cuts in living standards, at local level Labour councillors when in power have impose cuts (Lambeth)  and condemned trade unionists who oppose them,where not in power opposed cuts, (Croydon) and invite trade unionists to support their position. Can the working class win back the labour party? Myself I am convinced we can’t but of course we must work with those who think they can.

Lobby of Labour lead council, Brixton town hall Feb 29th 2012

John Eden                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Tonight I shall be going to lobby the  Lambeth labour run Council meeting along with other delegates of Lambeth Trades Union Council, we are opposing the around £30 million cuts to services, and we have given our full support to any Labour councillor voting against the cuts, there is likely to be only one, and as far as I am aware the only one in Britain.In Croydon where the Labour Party is in opposition to the Tories , they are voting against their proposed cuts. OK good, but what do they think of their fellow Labour Councillors in Lambeth? Tweedle dee Tweedle dum.